Connor Lay

I am a software engineer with a focus in full-stack web development. I studied Computer Science at Lewis & Clark College and have been working full-time in the industry since then.

My current position is at Nike, developing distributed, scalable JVM micro-services deployed to AWS. My responsibilities include 1) developing and maintaining REST micro-services, 2) supporting those services in production, especially during high-traffic scenarios, 3) exploring new technologies and practices to improve our process, and 4) collaborating with other developers across a variety of backgrounds and experience levels.

The following things are particularly important to me:

Programming languages are a passion of mine and I try to learn a new one each year. I am a polyglot with Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Haskell experience and have dabbled with Scala, Elixir, and Elm.

Good process and practices are essential to creating maintainable code. I take automated testing, continuous integration, and code review very seriously.

I prefer to solve problems and talk about solutions rather than politics or egos. Balancing requirements, deadlines, and technology is difficult and communication is key.

Computer science fundamentals are important! I use the knowledge from my degree more often than not, especially when working on solutions to novel problems.

I have worked on projects small and large, ranging from freelance Ruby on Rails applications to distributed micro-services at a large organization. Although my current position is backend-specific, I also have front-end and mobile experience with React/Redux, Android, and Elm and enjoy working across the whole stack.

I love tinkering with new technologies! Whether it is distributed programming architecture with Erlang’s OTP or monadic functional programming with Haskell, I am always on the lookout for new things to learn.